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Important E-Cig Information


Electronic Cigarette batteries are only made to last, on average, 6 months to 1 year (300 charges) , depending on the quality of the battery, and how you maintain and take care of it. We warranty our batteries for 14 days to prevent any immediate defects, but will only replace the battery once.

AFTER THE BATTERY IS REPLACED UNDER WARRANTY (within 14 days of initial purchase with receipt,) THE WARRANTY HAS BEEN FULFILLED. THE REPLACEMENT BATTERY OR CLEAROMIZER IS NOT CONSIDERED UNDER WARRANTY. **Special circumstances will be taken into consideration**


E-Liquid is the substance that is put in your E-Liquid holding device (Cartomizer, Clearomizer, Cartridge, Atomizer etc.) The battery is what causes the heater coil or atomizer to heat up and vaporize the E-Liquid.

Most E-Liquid is composed of liquid nicotine (tobacco derived), a base that the nicotine is in (PG or VG), and flavoring.

E-Liquid comes in different nicotine strengths. The “milligram” label on your E-Liquid bottle simply means that your E-Liquid is at a concentration of that milligram per milliliter of fluid. For Example: a 24mg strength E-Liquid is technically a (24mg per ml concentration) of nicotine in a PG, VG, or PG/VG base.


E-cig: an electronic cigarette

E-liquid: the liquid that you vaporize in an electronic cigarette. This liquid consists of nicotine and flavoring, and is safe for vaping.

PV: abbreviation for "personal vaporizer"; an electronic cigarette is a personal vaporizer
vape - the act of using an electronic cigarette; you are not "smoking", you are vaping; you are not a "smoker", but a "vaper"


Lucky Duck Vapors uses only %100 USP/Food Grade PG and VG materials to compose our E-Liquid. WE DO NOT USE ALCOHOL (grain or ethyl) or WATER to “cut” our E-Liquid!! Again… PLEASE check with your manufacturer to be sure you know what you are putting in your body. All of our flavors are %100 PG and/or VG based {USP/Kosher} (No alcohol).



STORING & VAPING YOUR E-LIQUID E-Liquid generally stays good for 1 to 3 years. To extend the life of your E-Liquid, store in a dark, cool place (refrigerator.)

FLAVORS: We take a lot of pride in our E-Liquid Flavors!. Please note that if you are putting E-Liquid in a clearomizer that has not been cleaned, is old, or has residue from another E-Liquid in the coil/wick, THE FLAVOR WILL BE COMPRIMISED!!

When using a CLEAROMIZER TANK SYSTEM, it is important to clean all washable parts between wick/coil changes to extend the life of your Clearomizer. Dish soap is a good detergent to use when washing your Clearomizer Tank.

For any problems, questions, or suggestions relating to E-Liquid, please contact us via email.


PERSONS WITH DIABETES SHOULD NOT USE VG based E-LIQUID!! Blood Glucose levels are affected by VG products! PG, however, is safe for individuals with diabetes because it has no effects on blood sugar.

Lucky Duck Vapors provides the supplies that are needed for vaping. If you vape any E-Liquid (our brand, or other brands,) you do so at your own risk! There is no government regulation on E-Liquid composition at this point, so the customer assumes full responsibility for their E-Liquid composition. If a customer gets ill due to vaping Lucky Duck E-Liquid, (because we have no control over how the E-Liquid is stored once it leaves our store, or what the customer puts in the E-Liquid after it leaves our store), Lucky Duck Vapors, and its employees will not be held accountable! Nicotine testing kits are available for purchase online on various sites. Please protect yourself and test the nicotine strength and quality on your own! Do not rely on any company (Lucky Duck Vapors or otherwise) to protect you. You must do your research and protect yourself!

Lucky Duck Vapors is a distributor of various Electronic Cigarette Supplies (We are not endorsing these products; we are simply making them available to those who wish to try them, as an alternative to Cigarette Smoking.) Many people have found Electronic Cigarettes to reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke, and some have quit smoking all together. The testimonials about these products speak for themselves.

The FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes as a “Smoking Cessation Device.”

Because Electronic Cigarettes and various vaporizers are so new, the government is still in the process of testing the materials, which means THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT REGULATION ON THESE PRODUCTS yet. Manufacturers of E-Liquid do not have to list ingredients and there is no regulation to make sure you are purchasing the correct (milligram) strength. If you are purchasing E-Liquid, PLEASE ASK FOR A LIST OF INGREDIENTS USED BY THE MANUFACTURER TO PROTECT YOURSELF.